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tomorrow we are trying out a new church. it is very hard to find a new church when you love your old church. why must we love you so much, old church? oh, this is why…

[brought to you, in part, by Nathan, the wunderkind…was it even his idea to put the sermon outlines up too, I wonder, because man, the sermon outline and the sermon…now if we can just get a hologram machine…]

Jud says….

“Wish I were here”

Kim asks

“For more of this…”

“Or for more of this…”

We say “both.”

it kind of feels like we’re new to dallas all over again. pray for a good church family. we are missing you so much.


  1. I hope Sunday went well…I was praying for you. It definitely felt weird that morning…but Sunday turned out great for us. Can’t wait to get caught up. By the way, you look so cute with that long hair! When did you make the big cut???

  2. after reading this blog and checking out the pics the other day, i was inspired to wear my “domino outfit” yesterday. i thought you would be glad to know you have inspired my fashion sense, once again.

    also, i have many photos of domino night, let me know if you would like copies…

    also, i am still waiting for the blog talking about how hilarious i am. the world needs to know.

    also, i had my big crit last night which is why i did not return your call, but i will soon and we will discuss the matters to which you referred in your message. i love sounding mysterious in a comment. MYSTERY!

    also, i miss you!

    love, a

  3. jenn – thank you for praying! we did have a good experience. we actually met somebody that went to grace too. strange! anyway, we prayed for you guys too, especially because we took a way home that took us down northwest highway and we saw your car and i wished we could stop. the we saw your car again outside the baby factory and i wanted to track you down then. i did neither. i did attempt to find a piece of paper to leave a note on your car, but i didn’t have one. this sounds like a bunch of lame excuses! anyway, looking forward to the study on thursday.

    i made the cut the weekend before we moved down. now it’s getting longer and longer…hmmm.

    mystery girl – love the domino outfit! almost as much as i love you. okay, maybe not that much.

    you should send me photos of domino night. I would drink them in. send! send! also, get a gmail account so it doesn’t take you forever to send them.

    i should know how that big crit went. you should tell me. you should call. i can’t wait to find out how the starburst sculpture of my head turned out. send me those pictures too.

    also, the blog that lists your funny and your making me laugh may only be written pending our reuniting (and it feels so good). be said reunion in dallas or the big S, it makes no difference. perhaps we can do this in the heat of the summer and i can escape this frying pan for the cool days in blueberry fields and kayaks. perhaps we can do this in the dead of winter when you need to escape the mounds of snow and the driving wind for mexican youth parades and homeless beggars. at least we can dream.

  4. Yeesssss! I made the blog! That picture is awesome and has made the graduation slideshow. I love this blog.

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