Newer Pictures

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He’s pretty much sleeping in all of these pictures but you can get the picture of how much he has already grown.

And while I’m putting an update on the blog, we also want to find out who sent us the Frog Pod bath toy scooper. It seems that our order was mixed up with someone elses who also ordered this from the Target gift registry. So, we got their frog pod and I’m assuming they got ours. This really isnt a big deal since we believe everyone recieved what they were sent, we just want to know who to thank.


  1. Oh my!!! I can’t believe how big he is!! He has grown so much in the two weeks since I’ve seen him. He’s not going to know me either, and that makes me sad. I can’t wait until you all are home once again–I’ll take the 2am wake-up calls! 🙂 We’ll talk to you this evening.

  2. I so enjoyed getting to cuddle little Gideon last night while we celebrated Kim’s birthday over chocolate cake. Unlike his Grandma, I am NOT ready for you guys to return to NE! Stay…please stay!

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