No more worries

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Despite the fact that we just spent several thousand dollars, my brain and neck are normal (sigh of relief). Nothing is wrong, but if it happens again, I’m supposed to call my doctor, who is this really cute young woman. She alleviates my fears mostly just from her cute little sundresses and nicely painted toenails. It’s really more like I’m at Sephora than the doctor’s office. Her lab coat is really there to keep makeup from getting on that dress. yes. sephora.

And I didn’t get the job. But, my job is going all out permanent, which really just means they’ll pay for my benefits instead of jipping me out of them, which is what temp agencies are really all about. That means that we paid our very last payment to a really terrible, thieving insurance company who doesn’t actually cover the things one would need covered like lab tests and the like, you know, the expensive parts of seeing a physician. Of course, I don’t know when it all leaves our fantasy world and enters our bank account’s reality, but either way, I’ve mailed the check to the blood suckers, who will not pay to analyze said blood, but who will demand all sorts of crazy things should you want to know why they are not paying for anything other than small ‘renegotiated’ amounts that total nowhere near what I have paid them this month.

Now I will tell you about a little game I am playing. I have been working for over one month and to date, have not worn the same outfit twice. I am loving this little challenge. The rule is that I cannot wear the same top with the same bottom and when possible I must change the cardigan/jacket/accessories. So obviously, it’s working still, but let me tell you, things are getting interesting. I am pulling out combos that I’m not so sure even work, but I will not let the game beat me! I will make every possible clothing combination short of looking ridiculous before I give in. I will overcome!

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