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Oh, hi!  I guess I have a blawg.  I should write something.

Let’s see, my hairs were cut a couple of weeks ago now and I have yet to take a picture of it, although not because I have not wanted to [insert lame excuses here: i.e. busy making pumpkin cheesecake or four pie crusts or attempting to keep our lives happily glued together while everyone is off of work and there is no official schedule and my word, where did November go?]. It’s just above my shoulders and very versatile.  Thanks to Haley, plenty of people have complimented me on the new do.  

And my belly is growing.  Very much growing.  And randomly cramping up in all sorts of Braxtonish Hicky kinds of nonsense.  And the back pain.  Ack!  But I’m not swelling anywhere and there is plenty of fetal movement and so I am keeping up the fluids and attempting to not complain every single second about yet another false contraction that hurts (a friend who is also pregnant mentioned over the weekend that her doctor told her that Braxton Hicks contractions don’t hurt at all.  Mwhahahahah.  I love doctor advice.  As if all this here baby cookin is rolled out on their counters and gently cut out into one little gingerbread baby shape.  But, you know, let’s keep em around for the drugs.  I like the drugs).  

Did you see this? We did.  And we cheered like it was 1997 again.  The screaming and jumping and near dog-piling of my  mother was equivalent to a national championship last minute win.  What can I say?  We’re all just so happy to have Bo.  He made all of our Thanksgivings that much better.

Today was the first day of everyone back to life, back to reality, and I am glad.  There’s nothing like not having normal to make normal feel so good.  Now where did I put those chips?

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  1. yay… you’re back! =) i’ve missed you so these past few days. or was it weeks? glad that things are going well, that you’re loving your hair, that the baby is healthy and that gideon is just having a great time with the weather. of course, i’m glad to hear about everything else as well! =) happy holiday season!!! wish you were around this weekend… the annual brunch is rearing its head. [*tear for your not being available.]
    p.s. how ’bout them sooners?! talk about exciting!!! =)
    p.s.s. tell me your friend isn’t buying a nikon. hehe. 😉

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