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A number of you have expressed your complete dismay about the fact that I have not posted in a while. This makes me feel good and bad all at once. The feeling is kind of the same as after you eat funnel cake. Good and also bad. But enough emotion. Let’s get down to business.

And I am in the business of weekend rundowns.

So, here is the story of my week(end).
A long long time ago (about six days prior to the present one) I got on an airplane and flew to the ‘ha. My parents came to pick me up and their dogs barked and carried on just the way I like them to when we got to their home.

You should know that in the days before my leaving I did a whole ridiculous amount of things including cleaning my house like a banshee, entertaining Adam and Brandon & Zanna and Daniel & Jenn (although I’m not sure entertain is the correct verb there….something more along the lines of feed and speak with or laugh and laugh harder or something like that, anyway), go to church and thoroughly enjoy the old pastor man, prep meals for the time when I would be gone, sit through a very long team meeting at work and attend a Frisco Roughriders game. This is a lot of things to do before one flies away to a far away city and let me tell you that by the time I reached my destination at 11:30 on Wednesday night, I was tired.

The time away from Dallas was peppered with me repeatedly saying things like “Where is everybody?” and “Did everyone leave the city for the holiday?” while driving around because there just is no comparison between the two cities. I kept telling everyone “It is stressful just to go to the store in Dallas!” and in some ways this is very true. I worry more about getting in accidents here. I worry more about getting abducted. I worry more about most things. None of the worry accomplishes anything and it’s about the most unproductive thing I could do in light of the circumstances. It made me think that I should be a whole lot less ridiculous about all of it. What will be, will be. Yes?

My days there were also filled with friends and family who I have missed so much, even though, at times, I have forgotten how much I miss them. I had lunch with Rebecca, coffee with Laurie, dinner with Amber and mom, lunch with Laurie, dinner with Chris & Amy & Kaylee, lunch/supper with the Smith clan, lunch with Mike & Jess, dinner with Chuck & Lydia, Maria and Rachel, One AM snacks with Rebecca, Haley, Summer and Christine, breakfast with Kathy, lunch with mom and supper with mom and dad (It is no wonder I don’t have nearly the issue with my weight down here as I did there. There are so many less people with which to enjoy meals).

I gave updates on our life to so many people that I cannot remember. I told everyone that JR Dallas is doing just fine and that you should pray for a job for Jeremy. I saw the Illusionist (which I give a solid 3 and 1/2 stars. It’s not life altering and is slow at first, but otherwise it is very good). I bought clothes on sale (thank you for Laboring America! Your hard work means clothing gets drastically discounted and my money goes that much farther at Ann Taylor Loft!). I watched NE demolish LATech (sorry Zan!). I held babies and children and hugged lots of grandmas whose perfumes clung to my clothes afterward. I got offered a part time, work from home job (which was the purpose of the trip, really (the details of which will unfold to you all, within reason, eventually)) that I happily and greedily accepted as it offers me the ability to do things I love with a dear friend who thinks I will help her company (it’s very flattering to have people think highly of you and yet also sets my teeth on edge to think about being a disappointment). I sat outside and didn’t sweat. I had a great week away.

But I missed Jud.

So I got on a plane this morning and I came home.

And now I am exhausted.


  1. Kim – It was such a blessing to have you here this weekend! (I really mean it when I say “blessing,” I’m not just using spiritual lingo)
    Jud – I wish you could have come too! I miss you!

  2. Rebecca,

    I wish I could have come too. Staying here in Dallas was pretty lame but I got a lot of stuff done. When we’re in Omaha our lives are so full. Full of wonderful family and friends and here in Texas everything is fairly vampant. Even though Jeremy is now down here, we still really wish we were in Omaha and we pretty much miss it every day. Kim had a lot of fun and part of her was sad that she had to come back to Texas. Anyway, we’ll look forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving, I hope your semester goes well and that you dont take school too seriously.

  3. Don’t worry, I spread my team spirit around…I have a few more opportunities this season to watch “my teams” beat Nebraska…Texas A&M (which by the way is their ‘Maroon Out’ game this year–uh oh!!)…and OSU (hey–you never know?!)

    Glad you had a fun trip…we need to get together again sometime for more laughing!

    LOve ya, Zan

  4. Kim, I can’t believe I missed you! I noticed I missed your call but was in KC. Crumb! Can’t wait to hear details about this job!

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