Not Pitchers, We Use Those to Pour

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Though he may have an arm in a cast, he has not believed that to be a reason to slow down.  This morning, he climbed onto the hearth, walked over near the plaid chair and jumped onto it.  He’s never done anything like that before.  I figured the first time he’d jump would be one of those little funny jumps toddlers do where their toes never leave the ground.  Not so much.  He all but leapt onto the arm of the chair and then pulled his body over it until he was giggling and rolling around in the middle of the seat.  

From there he climbed down and walked over to the pile of pillows he’d made earlier and in a split second decision, attempted to scale the mountain of pillows so that he could jump from them onto the coffee table.  Not anticipating the acrobatics, I didn’t make it to him until after the side of his head collided with the coffee table. After a fair amount of crying, he climbed down and put one of his red stacking toys around his neck like a brace.  At least he’s learning something from all of those trips to the doctor. 


To keep him occupied and try to help him forget that we are not right this minute at the pool, we’ve been going on afternoon outings.  Last week, at the zoo, he fell in love with giraffe exhibit where there were also funky cranes and squawking penguins.  It was toddler nirvana. 


This one was taken a few days ago, and I know that because of how white that socking is around his cast in this photo.  It has a different color now, it’s more of a peanut butter meets cheese, mud and strawberries.  I think you probably call that brown.  I call it stinky. 


He finally slept all the way through the night last night, so I think the antibiotic has turned a corner in the battle for his ears.  Thank goodness.  Now Mama needs a nap.

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