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Yesterday at work, fourteen of us went on a field trip. Here is my report:

The field trip to ________ was fun. First we all got into the cars and got on a toll road. This was fine with me because no one wanted me to drive and I did not have to pay any tolls. We drove way up north, which reminded me of all of the trips we go on to see our family who live far away. I wished that the cars would not stop and that we would drive all the way to my family, but they didn’t.

Before we went to the _______ _________ we had lunch. Usually on field trips you have to bring a sack lunch and sit on the curb to eat your sandwich before you go into a museum or something, but yesterday we got to go into a restaurant. A fancy one. Chilis. The food tasted just like Chilis food and I didn’t have to pay for it because our class leader said “one check” and then we all got to order whatever we wanted. It was great.

While we waited for our food, we talked. I was sitting with two people who are from foreign countries (both countries are on the continent of Asia) and three people who are Americans. Somehow we started talking about how funny it is that we don’t call countries by the name they call themselves. One of the foreigners said she didn’t understand. I gave an example “like how we call it Germany but the Germans call their country Deutschland.” She is from a country in the far north of Asia and she was all “No. That’s right. In my country we call it ger-man-ee.” It took about five minutes for me to explain that her country calls them by a different name too. I was glad when my food came and I could eat.

After lunch, we got back into the cars and drove a short distance to the __________. We know the people who work there because they buy the stuff my company makes and resell it to other people who then sell it to end users. That’s a lot of buying and selling but that’s the way it works. We walked around and saw our stuff on their shelves and they told us how they find the stuff, get the stuff, repackage the stuff and then ship the stuff to the buyers. It didn’t take too long, but it was kind of hot in there and I was sweating. It was a good thing that I stopped on my way to work that morning to buy deodorant after forgetting to put some on at home. Now I have deodorant in my desk at work so that I don’t ever have to stink when I sweat.

At the end of our tour, some high up people from _________ came into a conference room to tell us how much they like us. It was kind of weird. Then they gave us bags of candy (I ate my Sweetarts right away) and we drove back to work. Lots of stuff had happened while we were away and then I couldn’t leave until late.

I’m not sure why we went on a field trip, but I sure liked those Sweetarts.


  1. It’s not a real field trip until someone throws up on the bus.

  2. Man, you make working sound like so much fun. I wish I had a job with fieldtrips. I have to steal Sweetarts from my kids instead.

  3. Poppi – Oh man! I left out the part where one of the temp girls got sick. I don’t think she puked, but while we were out on the floor, she had to go back into the offices and sit down. She said she thought it was something she ate. Thankfully, she rode in a different car, so I don’t know if there was any throwing up on the way back or not.

    Burgesses – My work life does seem to revolve a little bit around candy, or food in general. Its kind of elementary school like that, hence the 3rd grade blog style. I think it has something to do with fluorescent lights. Maybe they suck out the adult portions of your brain and leave you starved for sugar. I’ve listened to a temper tantrum a time or two, which makes my job a little more like Kit’s, except I can’t invoke corporal punishment when these kids get out of line. There are probably a zillion similarities between corporate America and mothering!

  4. What? my kids never throw tantrums! (oh, but I do).

    Guess it just goes to show you that in some ways, people never grow up. Sometimes that’s a good thing (candy), sometimes bad (why can’t we outgrow puking?– of course, my kids never puke either)

  5. i think of the seinfeld were elaine gets hooked on sugar because of all of the birthday cake at work.

    i have been up all night with the stomach flu or food poisoning. i agree, why can’t we outgrow that??? bleh. that is why i am up so early on a saturday. bleh.

  6. Kim you are just plain funny! Okay, maybe not plain, but stinkin’ funny! I love your posts and look forward to reading your wit. That’s not to put any pressure on you to keep producing the comedy…just thought I’d add a few cents here.

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