Not So Educated Guessing

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Tomorrow (Thursday, Oct 23), sometime after 3pm, we will be taking a peek at Question Mark’s nether regions.  With great hope of his/her participation, we fully expect to know the sex of this baby by late tomorrow afternoon.  This is your last chance to make your predictions known as the truth shall be made public tomorrow.  Happy guessing!


  1. G’Ma thinks it’s a girl! But, if it’s a boy, G’Ma will be just as happy! Wish I could be there for the big unveiling.

  2. Oh boy, it sure would be fun to shop for PINK!!! =)

  3. You deserve a little princess but boys are special too.

  4. I think it’s going to be another boy. Yeah for hand my downs!

  5. It’s a girl. Everyone knows it goes boy, girl, boy, girl. Why bother with the sonogram. I’ve got all the “scientifical” information you need.

  6. Poppy agrees with Ronke~it’s a girl! G’Ma is ready to shop at the Gap and Old Navy for her clothes, and won’t she look beautiful in her new Easter dress, complete with bonnet?

  7. Early on I thought definitely girl, lately I’ve been getting a solid boy vibe. Is it too late to vote for triplets? Yes? Okay then… boy. Can’t wait to hear the news, I will love all three of them no matter what.

    Love, Aunt Allison

  8. I can just see the doctor now. . . “Congratulations, you’re having a Monkey!!!”

  9. Boy!

  10. I know a bunch of people having girls lately so statisticly you should be having a boy, but I really have no idea! Can’t wait to hear!

  11. I think it’s a girl but you’ve already named it “Mark” so I guess you think it’s going to be a boy. Good luck with keeping the name a secret thing (to do that you have to not tell people the name).

  12. let’s see… 50/50 chance. i go with GIRL! =) but, that’s a guess with absolutely nothing to back it up. not even a gut feeling. =) like many have said, shopping for baby girls is so much fun. but, i admit… it’s totally for the parents and really little to do with the kids. =) let’s face it, my thoughts are: who cares if its for the parents! it’s still totally awesome! ha. =) can’t wait to find out the news!!!

  13. We’re waiiiiiiiiiiiiting…….

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