Not to Do

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Things I should not have done in the past 24 hours

Had 4 iced teas at Macaroni Grill

Attempted to insert an image I created in Illustrator into an InDesign file over and over again in spite of the fact that it kept inverting the colors every time I placed it

Given God a ‘one last chance’ prayer about said jpeg

Forgot to sing His praises when the file came through with the correct coloring

Stayed awake until 2am to finish something that most people will not look at until Tuesday

Eaten creamy pasta sauces and expected not to reflux it into my throat all night

Mentioned that I need a maid during Sunday school, thereby guilting my husband into doing the dishes, albeit unintentionally on my part

Felt guilty that my husband did the dishes

Eaten a bunch of spicy salsa at lunch

Ignored editing a spreadsheet that I need to finish before 7am tomorrow

Not uploaded the new belly pictures Jud took of me yesterday (Sorry, mom!)

Maybe I’ll go correct some of these now. Or maybe I’ll go watch all of that awesome pre-Oscar coverage. I wonder what Julia Roberts will wear tonight. I wonder how many colonics have been performed in Hollywood over the past forty eight hours. I wonder why America is falling apart.

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