Not Today

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It is Wednesday. Wednesday in September at 5:39 pm and I am not preparing for 150 children and 90 adults to enter my life. I will not hold little skinny baby with the big eyes. I will not listen to 3 year-olds recite memorized portions of the Bible. I will not catch up with the women who should really be in the gym right now with the girls.

There are other things I will not do either. I will not stay at work for fourteen hours. I will not have back spasms from walking around for hours. I will not have to deal with people trying to use our program as additional childcare for their foster children. I will not have to figure out who didn’t flush that toilet or where the goop on the wall came from or how to clean it up.

But right now…I wish for all of it. The junky junk and the sweet goodness. I’ll take it all back. I miss it. And I miss you.

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