not your ordinary tuesday

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We worked and stuff but today has not been just another day. When I got home we took a little nap and let me tell you, napping does wonders for the soul.

We went out to dinner (who does that on a hot hot April Tuesday? Us, apparently and a few others who also thought that fajitas sounded good).

This is Matts. They have delicious meats, but this is more focused on the cheese, I guess.

We found these at Super Target.
Who needs real dogs when you can have bronze dogs?

Last week was not very ordinary either. I went to Myrtle Beach.

It was cool and windy. The people were pretty trashy. The room was nothing special. There was no time enjoy the beach. The food wasn’t so great. I missed my husband. I missed my life.

The view while waiting for the elevator. The cool water and the warm sun, they taunt me.

Jud, meanwhile, was entertaining our friends. They’re in a band and we like the music they make. Technically, before this past week, we could only call one of them our friend, but since we spent mucho time with them, we can call them all our friends. They like Lost and iTunes and one of them really likes Skittles.

We went to their show at the Door on Saturday night. We got there around 8:45ish and heard two other bands before them. The first band we heard before them was fairly unique, although I was pretty sure that the lead singer wishes he did coke, because he totally acts like he’s crazy high, but he’s not at all. He just likes acting like he is. Yeah, it was that strange. I didn’t like to watch. But eventually, Cool Hand Luke took the stage and that was good. They are much different in the face than the last time I saw them, but the heart was the same. We were especially encouraged by the words of grace Mark had for the crowd. Good to hear him share.

Then they had no place to lay their heads, so we opened our door and they stayed with us through yesterday. We got in too late on Saturday night to go to Oak Cliff Bible Church, so we tried to go to a different church that isn’t too far away, but they were all full in the main sanctuary and the overflow was just a theatre with the PowerPoints on the screen. We got up and went home and listened to Chuck on the iPod. It was good.

Casey and the pretty iBook

Jud and Mark and another laptop

Zan & Wally came over and brought an AWESOME salad and delicious tea (and lemons and mint sprigs too!!) and we ate a great Easter feast.


Wally loves the veggie bundles.

We pretty much just sat around talking all day, but it was okay with me to have a true day of rest. It’s pretty hot here now (over 100 yesterday and I think it was 98 today) so just sitting around can make you sweat (I accidentally just typed “swear” instead of “sweat”….Freudian type?). Anyway, I hope you are reading this in relative comfort and that you are having a very unordinary week yourself.


  1. relative comfort– yeah, it’s been snowing here. no sweating in Montana, hahaha.

  2. what is with jud’s attachment to inanimate bronze sculptures? i mean bronze “friends?”

    i didn’t do anything for easter, but i did not sweat. holy crap i just typed swear instead of sweat. no lie i just did it again. i better stop typing. okay i just typed sto[
    that is not a sign.

    ps i have not received my dinosaur cake yet. i hope the crackhead that lives above me does not intercept it.

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