Notes on a Baby

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Amazing things he did this week….

– While feeding him giant portions of food, he has always demanded more! more! and hurry! hurry! by smacking his little open hand on the high chair.  We attempted to teach him the sign for ‘more’ and ‘please’. He occasionally tried to do it, but always reverted to the hand banging.  It had a lot more flare to it.  We also tried to teach him the sign for ‘all done’ so that he could tell us when he was finished.  He never attempted the sign. He usually just stared at us and wondered which one of us had the hearing loss and why we were so bad at sign language.  This week, after consuming twice his weight in lunch time foods, he very clearly yelled at me “All Done!”.  I was a little shocked and thought it might be a coincidence until I tried to bring another spoon to his mouth and he yelled it again. 

 I did what every mom does and started calling the kid’s dad so that he could hear it too.  And then my mom.  And then my dad.  Now he says it when he’s done with anything.  His morning powershake?  All done!  Talking on the phone to Grandma Bragg?  All Done!  Getting his diaper changed?  ALL DONE!

– He’s been very good at walking while holding onto whatever.  Side stepping at the window is always a favorite. This week, he flipped over a large piece of tupperware and did this.


  1. OH MY!!! Gideon should NOT be THAT big and should NOT be WALKING at this point. In fact, he should only be a TINY baby who still only sleeps and eats. =) Time is going by entirely too fast, my friends!!! He is just sooo precious!!! Thanks for sharing this video. Know that you are VERY missed around here!!! We need to start planning our next reunion. =) Love you. Happy Easter!

  2. Woo-Hoo! Gideon is the man! Thanks for sharing this video – how fun to see the milestones:) Also, your place looks FABULOUS

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