Obligatory Christmas Photo

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It has been one year since we took a photo as a family.  Where that year went, I couldn’t tell you, but I think it’s wrapped up over there in the archives.  Feel free to go back and do some reading if you’d like. I’m guessing the highlights would’ve included purchasing our first house, Ronke visiting in March, visiting family and friends on the east coast (especially seeing Allison’s incredible new work), one broken arm and an upcoming baby, but I never got around to writing the Christmas update letter, or sending Christmas cards or doing much of anything but survive.  It was a busy holiday season and I have never been so happy to have the days behind me. The actual Christmas celebration was actually quite relaxing but the build up to get there and all of the hype ahead of time has officially demanded nearly every shred of my sanity.  The rest of it will be stolen by some new toys Gideon received. Nothing says we’ve all lost our minds like not having a volume button when 80s video game music is involved!  New years resolution for 2009: to not break my child’s toys or run shrieking from the house. Hey, I like to dream big. 


Right before he attempted to jump out of our arms...

Right before he attempted to jump out of our arms...


  1. I like the bow on Jud’s head 🙂

  2. Love your family photo! Miss you!

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