Of Hearts and Heads

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A storm rolled in the middle of the night, bringing Gideon directly into our room. He said he had a headache and Jud got him some otc meds. He was back in bed fairly quickly, I think, but I wouldn’t know because I didn’t get out of the bed. Somehow we have an unspoken rule about Jud dealing with Gideon and I take Piper’s middle of the night antics. Unless someone is puking. No one stays in bed for those kinds of emergencies. Potty breaks and lost FirePigs, these are the stuff of the 2am wake up.

When morning finally rolled around, I could barely lift my head off the pilow. As is often the case, the front had brought on a migraine. I slammed some coffee and hoped for the best, but by ten, I was a ball of dark, quiet sadness and pain on the sofa.

I sometimes wonder how the kids will remember these days. Will they remember getting their own snack out of the cupboard? Will they remember watching cartoons all morning? Will they just remember that their Poppy came over and saved the day? Hard to say.

But I’ll remember how sweet they were. How Piper shushed every noise that Gideon made because “Mommy sick!” How Gideon got them both snacks and drinks while explaining to Piper in a sweet tone that he was doing this “like Mommy does.” How they told Poppy about my headache. How they celebrated after I woke up from the Midrin induced sleep. And I’ll remember how Gideon’s new found independence inspired him to declare “Now I don’t need you or Daddy or a sister or anybody….except to drive me around.”

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