Of Mastitis and Falling

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Starting on Monday night I went another round with mastitis. It came on really quickly and one minute I was putting the baby to bed…the next I was falling down the stairs in an attempt to get some water. I barely remember the falling down part, but I freaked out the family, so I’m sure they won’t forget it.

Yesterday was spent sleeping while Grandma skipped work to take care of the behbeh. And thank goodness because I was one sorry excuse for a person yesterday.

While sleeping the day away, I had two intense dreams that have stuck with me. The first one was all about my attempt to become the “Queen of the Fair”. It involved having to complete a competitive food competition (where one of the items to eat was a chocolate cake shaped like a boat, filled with cherries) and making snickerdoodles. (Jenn – I think this may have sort of been like being crowned the Noodling Princess. Don’t worry, though. That one’s still for you!) The other dream involved Dwayne Wayne (did you watch “A Different World”?) teaching people how to do that wierd climbing up cloth thing that’s so cool while in a bizarre metal structure in western Nebraska. Dwayne Wayne got really mad at the people he was trying to teach and blew up the building. I survived and was trying to escape back to Omaha. This girl, Stacey, from college wouldn’t let me get in her car and I was forced to keep running while carrying a cot. I finally ran into some people who were RVing in a field and was trying to convince them to take me back to Omaha. Then I woke up.

I’m feeling much better today.


  1. Did Dwayne have his “flip up” sunglasses? Those were so cool!!!

  2. so, dreams are quite weird! i was (recently) working with a girl whose great interest was psychology…and due to her nature, i figured she might have a thot or two on my dreams. and, of course, i wanted to hear what she had to say about the dreams i have been having. for giggles, of course. and, as suspected, she definitely had strong opinions and let me know them. something about aging (can you believe that?!), insecurity, lack of control, worry…blah, blah, blah. =)anyway…funny thing you mention the noodling queen. we were housesitting for the past week (which also included an 18-month old with the deal) and were allowed the pleasure of not just one, but multiple wall-mounted flat screens…you know, Jud’s dream. =) anyway, on cable (you know, another luxury for us) they had a documentary about oklahoma noodling!!! could’ve wet myself for how exciting it was. ha! unfortunately, they did not show the queen… and, yes, i still aspire to assume the role. i need not describe the outfit which i would wear on that one-and-only day! =)
    love you!!!

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