Of Meltdowns and Mayhem

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This morning was so very very pressshhuuuuus. They got ready for leaving the house with only minor disagreements about where to brush their teeth (the living room is way more fun and we are more likely to drip toothpaste drool on your carpet! AND That is MY car seat! drama). Piper and I retrieved her Abby doll from Poppy’s house and she asked to eat pizza while we were there, which of course, was obliged. We dropped off dry cleaning. We picked up the Gidster. Normal ho-hum day.

Lunch and nap times passed uneventfully and then we went to the park. What is it about some days when you are feeling so wonderfully benevolent to the small people in your house and they just have to take that benevolence in their four tiny hands and rip its face off with their teeth? Yeah. The park was a disaster. A disaster with an audience. My very favorite of its kind. We left. Their sweaty feet stunk up the van while we drove home (don’t judge me. I need an option other than walking if Gummi Bear over here decides to land a swift kick to my bladder). In the house the feuding continued and now they are banished until their father arrives or Jesus comes back, whichever happens first.

One day I am sure I will look back on these days and not be able to even recollect the depths of their depravity as preschoolers, but I’m guessing there will be twos in front of their ages by then.

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