Oh, Consumer Reports, How Can I Still Love You?

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So, Consumer Reports posted a pithy little piece on things you shouldn’t buy when you have a baby.  

You can read their article here

And then their follow up article here. 

Reading these got my hackles up a bit, to say the least.  I thought about crafting a response filled with equally ridiculous conclusions and plenty of exclamation points to these reports for you all to read, but then I realized I’d be just another voice on this here web of logic saying the same thing.  I think Amy Storch put it best.  Click here to read her response.

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  1. wow, that’s interesting. I didn’t think it was a terrible article, their reasoning seemed ok if you take it as a general warning. I am disappointed they didn’t include things people add to carseats that are sometimes considered unneeded and perhaps unsafe. That kind of thing seems to fit into what they are trying (maybe unsuccessfully) to say.

    The blogger made it sound like they didn’t specify products but it seems like they did. I’m not into attatchment parenting at all but I do use and love my sling and can’t see how a kid could fall out of it unless you’re dumb (reminds me of the recall on bumbo seats because people didn’t pay attention and let their kids get hurt), but mine is a different kind of sling than the photo in the article.

    I do agree though that “what category of baby products HASN’T recalled particular models or styles? Cribs, strollers, car seats, high chairs, toys…honestly. I’m just not following their logic as to what makes THESE particular recalls worse and worth blacklisting the entire category.” Tis true. They should just tell parents to be careful when deciding on parenting styles and the subsequent baby gear (although I think articles like that are best left for other writers, not CR) and they should stick to writing “what not to buy” articles about baby gadgets that are a true waste of time and money.

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