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Dear Gideon,

Yesterday was the very first time that it reared it’s ugly head in you.  Until then you had chosen to mostly ignore this new thing that has taken over my nights and impedes your ability to exert maximum force onto the ottoman in the family room. You could not ignore her anymore.  She clearly is not going to leave and you just came to that realization not 24 hours ago.  In protest of her presence you have yelled or whined the following things:

      Baby Down (complete with hand gestures to show me where she should be laid)

      No Baby (complete with furious head shaking)

      Nooooo (including a very pitiful look and possibly throwing your body onto the nearest floor, chair or sofa)

Let’s just say that you were not impressed by any kind of rationalizing I attempted and the only thing that really solved the problem was when Dada came home.  Well, that is, until he picked Piper up.  

I know you aren’t reading yet, but I thought I’d mark it down for you now anyway. This new baby has not diminished my love for you in any way. I wondered how it would all work out before she came, just like you are wondering now.  How is it possible to make room for another person to love?  If there are more little people around, won’t you have to love the other little person less?  How can everyone enjoy each other as much we did when there were only three of us?  I thought the same things. But I shouldn’t have worried and neither should you.  There is some kind of wonderful magic that makes it all possible.  I don’t love you less because Piper is here just like I didn’t start loving Dada less when you came.  I love him more.  I love you more.  And I love Piper too.  I’m so thankful that our capacity to love isn’t limited, there isn’t going to be a time when we run out and there’s never going to be a time when someone gets pushed out of it.  You are still my sweet boy and you are still wholly loved.  

So, now, please pick yourself up off the floor and calm down about the fact that your sister is touching a toy that you used to play with a year or two ago.  

Also, please tell Mama how you can remember that.  She can’t remember when she puts a cake in the oven – even when she can smell it and starts thinking “Hmm.  I wonder what smells so good?”. 


Thanks.  That's much better.

Thanks. That's much better.

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