On My Way to Slumber

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My dear friend Ronke is coming on Friday and we are using that day as a hard target for putting our house in order (no, we are not dead but you know what I mean).   The paint has been applied to the main level (with a couple of areas of touch up needed [because nothing says painting like touching up!]) and the family room is totally done. 

We just started in on the bedrooms upstairs tonight and the color we chose for Gideon’s room looks quite a bit like one of his old pre-real food diapers.  I suppose I have a strong affinity to those days.  I was getting about the same amount of sleep that I’ve had over the past four days back then.  Somehow these late nights haven’t made me all crazy-sleep deprived neurotic like those first few months post baby.  I’ll give a shout out to the hormonal withdrawals for all that instead. 

I’ve been going non-stop for four days and had been doing really well (cheesy biscuits for Sunday school, watching my friend’s adorable girls, painting for fifteen hours a day…).  The other day Jud asked if I was doing meth because that is the only explanation for all this energy and concentration.  I suppose the thought of Kay coming just has me incredibly excited. 

Tonight when I started seeing odd flashes of light while trying to edge out a nice shade of blue in the guest room, I realized that I am still human and not hopped on any illicit drugs, so I am home now and on my way to bed. 


  1. sounds like lots of fun, my friend! i think of you often… if only i was a real friend and called!!! aagghh! =) i’m excited to see what you’re doing to the place. note the implication: i’ll have to make a trip back up to omaha. =) know you’re missed! and, please tell the family “hello!”.

  2. Extremely.Jealous.

    That’s all I have to say about Ronke going up there for a visit to see you guys.

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