On Planning

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I willfully and happily volunteered to plan a bridal shower for a friend whose impending wedding is now less than a month away.  The shower is in two weeks and things are going fine, I guess.  I’ve decided on the table decorations and have several people helping with the food.  A game has been prepared and people coordinated to play said game. Invitations have been created, printed and mailed (I know!  The hardest part, right?  The part you thought I was going to tell you I have yet to do.  The part that I rarely get right.  And yet it is done.  DONE! Mwahahahaha).  

My mother is assisting with the shower, which is fabulous because it dials down my crazy just a notch. Although today I have been obsessing over the thing non-stop. 

What is it that could make me feel so out of sorts?  Let me tell you.  

1. Event planning is not really my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I can do it, and I think I do it fairly well.  But it is not something to which I look forward.  If I am looking forward to anything it is the day after the event, when all that I have to do is think back to how things went. The stress of getting to that day, is sickening.

2. The twisted desire to make sure that everything is p-e-r-f-e-c-t while keeping my cool and appearing not to care if that ribbon is twisted or the punch is delicious or the guest of honor is having a good time or the other guests are enjoying themselves turns me into a complete loon. On the outside I’m all “Who cares?!” and on the inside I am all “I DO! GET OUT OF MY WAY!”.  I’m sure you can see how that would turn anyone into a complete whackadoodle (yeah! I saw Project Runway last week. So glad my mom recorded it for me…the old school way, no doubt…on VHS).  

3. Attendance.  Who will come? Why will those other people not come? They should come.  Just come.  I promise good food, a game in which you will not have to participate (save the six people with whom I’ve already made contact), simple but elegant decorations and a fairly quick but very painless gift opening. Okay?  So, come.  And when the people call you to remind you of the event that will be a very good indication that we would like you to be there.  So come. 

4. I’m sure I’m forgetting something.  Oh, right.  The idea that I might forget something. Something big.  Something important.  Something that cannot be bluffed through or laughed away.  Something like…..

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