One More Time For Those of You in the Back

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Casual Friday

1. Flip Flops never belong on your feet at work unless you are a lifeguard.

2. When in doubt, always decide to iron. The little bit of wrinkle is going to look a lot more severe under all of the fluorescent lights.

3. Pants should not have holes. I don’t care if that is the way you purchased them.

4. Track suits in velour are inappropriate in any color, but are especially offensive in aqua, eggplant and tan.

5. If your jeans require you to lay flat to zip, you should not inflict your pain upon the public, especially the public with whom you spend forty plus hours every week.

6. The Flutter Sleeve is cute on children. It must be avoided when you are over thirty.

7. Pants must cover the top portion of your shoe. Anything higher is not just unsightly, but is guaranteed to reveal at least half of your calf when you sit down. Ew.

8. See-through anything should be saved for the time when you are at home alone, or possibly with your spouse, but I’m guessing he doesn’t even like that shirt.

9. T-shirts need to be fitted, screen print / bedazzling free and absolutely not reveal your tummy when you move around.

10. You still have to do your hair.

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