Opinions…how does that joke go?…Everybody’s got one…

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So, you know when you think something is hilarious and you are laughing and laughing and you want someone else to laugh with you, so you show somebody else and they do not laugh? 

That just happened to me. 

Over this

I still think it’s funny.

You might not.  And that’s okay.  If you don’t love breakfast meats, than maybe that is why.  Or maybe you have a more refined sense of humor.  Or maybe you are not in the mood. 

However, I am going to suspect that the next time you eat some, you will think of this little clip and the side of your mouth will curl in humor. 

 Because, c’mon.  You know its funny.


  1. Kim, I thought it was funny. And if I hadn’t happen to be watching it while sitting in Scooter’s I would have laughed out loud.

  2. Sam and I thought this was hilarious….equally funny is his ‘hot-pockets’ routine. Funny stuff.

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