Perhaps a Tornado Would Have Been Nicer

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The weekend kicked off with some incredible wind wrapped up in a hail storm that tore the snot out of a lot people’s homes. We, however, were at my parents house and oblivious to the madness that was taking place in the rest of the city.  Instead, we ate Chinese and started to watch a movie that we turned off within the first ten minutes due to graphic content, lameness and the fact that the movie was going nowhere. 

It wasn’t until we were in the car on our way home that we realized how significant the damage was.  Our power was off, as was most of our city’s.  Instead of enduring the darkness, we packed up the fridge and went back over to my parents for the night.  By the next morning, we had power again and we started to hear about our friends’ homes that were not treated as nicely. Lots of people are still without power, but we are hoping that will change soon for them.  

Check out this storm’s damage:

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