Perhaps Doomed…Then Again, Maybe Not

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First, let me take one moment to congratulate all of you for stepping out of the shadows of the webinet and right down there into the limelight of the comments section (Nichole! Hi, Nichole!! I had no idea you were here and then you said you were and it made me feel so happy to know that. Hi! Thanks for thinking I am entertaining and also that I think like you because we who think like this could possibly be shunned by the rest of society and one day may need to form a little band of people who will keep thinking these obsessive thoughts without reason and then neurose about whether or not the other people in the group really like them or if they think our sweaters are totally out of style. Hi!!!!)

(Now I sort of wish that I would have made that pro-delurking post a contest because imagine the others who, with a little motivation, might stand up and admit they read. But Nichole did not need anything more than a good laugh before she stepped out into the comments and thus, she is the most brave commenter. Not that I don’t love you all, but I did already know you were reading (and pretty much how frequently too – Thank you Stat Counter!)). To the rest of you who remain in the shadows, know that I am watching you 23.546.77 (okay, so maybe that’s not a real ip address, but I think you still catch my drift. Yeah, you know who you are).

And now I give you today’s real post:

A couple of weeks ago I told you all about my CANCER (I usually whisper that, so I’m going to go to the other extreme today). I went to the witch doctor and he excised it from my nether regions with hot electrified objects. I was supposed to go see him after four weeks but, in true Kim form, I put it off…for a week…because I was ‘busy’ and also ‘traveling’ and maybe ‘scared of really knowing anything.’ But I broke down on Monday and called and got an appointment and then yesterday I went to his office.

He looked around a bit and told me that while my margins were free of CANCER they were not free of abnormality. Hooray! No CANCER! But also Boo! Some abnormality!

What will become of those abnormalities? Well, I can tell you one thing, I am for sure not going to shell out a bunch of money on their education. If they want something in this world, they are going to have to learn how to get it for themselves. Wait. Maybe that’s something else.

Yeah, so the bad cells have three options.
1. Keep being bad, but not necessarily graduate to full on criminality (stay abnormal)
2. Graduate to full scale felony assault (you know, CANCER)
3. Go away forever

Nobody knows why they choose the path they choose, or how to influence them one way or another. I do believe in prayer and that God is powerful enough to remove them forever. I do know that we are praying for that very thing. I don’t know if God will answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ or ‘later’. We’ll just keep asking and would appreciate it if you would too.

In the meantime, I’m going to make them listen to a lot of motivational speakers and to the guy in the cockroach suit hocking bug spray so that they can choose which life they want to live.


  1. Kim-I must have somehow missed the original information about the cancer and did not know this was happening with you until I talked with your mom last weekend. I will absolutely pray for you and that God would totally erase those cells forever. I love your attitude about it and that you can sneak some humor into the seriousness of it all.

  2. Praying for #3– go away FOREVER!!!
    Much love, Wally & Zan

  3. hooray for no-cancer! you give those cells a stern talking to.

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