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The light was just right tonight while he was sitting on the cooler. 

Makes me want to force him to stay just like this forever. 


  1. I love that he has blue eyes and dark hair. I love contrasts like that, like my son has dark eyes and light hair. Something different and striking. And I LOVE one year olds. it is one of the cutest and funnest times!

  2. Oh… I miss his flirting and bashfulness around me. I miss tagoon! I miss his little kisses and baby talk. Oh little nephew of mine, I’ll see you in July! Hugs and Kisses.
    -Aunt Mandy

  3. I’m finished. His cuteness has offically killed me.

  4. Hi friends!!! I have officially been out of the loop. Though I’ve been checking your blog, my random life has not allowed for me to write my remarks as usual. =) For a moment, I would like to go back to an earlier post. You are SO right in that yellow is still a necessary staple in the wardrobe. As I have told many a woman, I’m convinced that each of us can find our shade of yellow. The key is the color of lipstick. Ha! =) The trend that I’ve noticed this year is ORANGE! =) Now, my encouragement would be to avoid UT orange and embrace more of the OSU/Halloween orange instead. And, trust me, it is difficult to promote the color as an OU fan (all the while as OSU grad)!!! Oh the ironies and the cost of keeping the wardrobe current. Good thing you know me well enough… you might think I had no depth to my life. Ha. =) Anyway, I’ve now enjoyed my (nearly) two weeks of country life. And, if the internet is down, I’m not always sure what to do. Learning to drive tractors and trucks! Go ahead and try to picture it. I don’t think you can. Yes, you’re right. It’s so time to close down this post! My entire point is that this picture is too cute for words!!!! I’ve got to see that baby!!! And, I really need a Kim-fix soon. Love and miss you!!!

  5. Orange? For real? I don’t know that I can put on OSU orange – even for fashion. I guess, you’re just going to have to notify me when it’s finally Husker red. That one, I’ve got covered.

    And we need time with you soon too! Get on that tractor and ride north!! (okay, guilty admission – I watched two episodes of a show called “Farmer Wants A Wife” (I’m ready for the ridicule, so have at it) and I am just imagining a city girl like you having to prove you can make it in the country while Daniel makes you pick up chickens and eventually writes your name on a banner and flies it off a crop duster. Ahh, country life.)

    Love you tons!

  6. Oh my goodness. I’m offine for a week and your baby has become a little boy.

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