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Earlier this week, my friend Ronke told me about how you can test your core strength by doing a yoga-ish move where your forearms are on the ground and you lift up the rest of your body so that you are on your tip toes. She almost demonstrated right there in my cube, but then we realized how crazy that would look. It would look supremely crazy. So, I tried it when I got home and I also did some other yoga/pilate-ish moves, to you know, boost my core strength.

When Jud came home from class, I showed him the move and made him time me. I held it for a minute, but not without some significant shaking. He did it too and has done it since. Me too.

Last night when I did it, I think I pulled something. You knew this was where this was going, didn’t you? I pulled something right at the bottom of my left cheek. Not the one on my face. So, I’m trying not to walk as if the left side of my rear is in pain, but actually it’s quite painful. Painful enough for me to rub Aspercreme all over myself. Painful enough to choose a low heel for work today so as to not aggravate the injury.

Stupid yoga.

Today was a great lunch day. Have I told you about how my two friends and I eat lunch every day together? Today one of them brought chocolate cake to share. SHARING CAKE!! Also, I brought left over chicken and broccoli casserole and it was delicious. I shared very small portions of my casserole. Not enough to even call it sharing really. It was too good to let go of.

Also today I got into a crazy groove of working. I made huge dents into my backlog of commitments and that was fabulous. I’m pretty sure that the groove had everything to do with the ipod. My favorite part of the ipod experience today was right after a song by the Faint. Then a song came on by the Grace University Chorale from their European Concert Tour. I got a little teary when I could hear Kenzie’s voice in the middle of it all. I wonder how that girl’s doing. I miss all my girls from that class.

Wow…this is the last picture I have of her. This wasn’t just yesterday now, was it?
(do you see that I am ignoring the fact that old highlights are clearly growing out of my hair? what was I thinking?!)

Anyway, I hope you have all at least begun to think about doing your taxes. We just found out that we are getting some moolah back, which makes me initially think “oooo, pillows and a chair.” But then I snap back to reality and realize “oooo, the seminary will want money for those summer classes soon.” Dang.


  1. Now you understand exactly why I could barely sit/stand/walk several months ago when I started my PiYo class!! =)

    I finally convinced Brandon to try some PiYo with me over Spring Break (oh no, he wouldn’t dare show his face at the gym for my weekly class…instead, it was an impromptu session on my parent’s living room floor). Let’s just say that he no longer makes fun of my PiYo class (that he thought “couldn’t possibly be that challenging.”)

    Have a great week!! Zanna

  2. I had no idea that you started the trend that slowly evolved into the famous line … “its autumn sunrise, you like it?”

  3. Daniel – If you’re going to leave posts knocking my hairdos, then you better sign your name. See, Zanna, he picks on everybody!

    Zan – Seriously. Kicked my butt. No lie. Mad props to you and your weekly pain for gain. (You should see her, people…she looks GREAT!)

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