Pollyanna She Is Not

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Things over which I am whining today….

1. Gideon is crabby.  The kind of crabby that makes him scream when I put him down.  The kind of crabby that makes him pull himself up on me by pulling on my pant leg with his teeth.  The kind of crabby that made him spit out his food during lunch in the most mess inducing way possible.  The kind of crabby that refuses to sleep past 45 minutes.  The kind of crabby that demands I pick up things he has thrown or he suffer the fate of his sobbing.

 2. I chose to wear a white shirt today.   The projectile refusal of pureed garden vegetables and apple blueberry sauce means that the shirt is now spotted with teeny tiny green and purple dots…not in a fashionable way, mind you.

3. While attempting to pick up a toy and keep the munchkin strapped to my hip, I pulled a groin muscle.  Yeah.  I did. 

4. After heating up the baby food, I knocked it over and spilled a third of it in the microwave.

5. In an attempt to clean the microwave, I rinsed the microwave plate in the sink and noticed that the thick green water would not drain.  I tried turning on the disposal and did not get anywhere.  Since I can’t see through the muck, I just walked away. I can’t use the sink until it’s fixed, but that’s why we have sinks in the bathroom, right?

6. Ricky won the PR challenge last night and he should’ve been eliminated like four shows ago.  What is this world coming to!?!


  1. I understand all of the ones except #6. Is that the Price is Right challenge? The Public Relations challenge? Is this something on Evil Television? By the time you have your fourth you will not have time for that mind rot. (of course teLEVIsion is not that EVIL)

  2. PR = Project Runway.

    Geesh Phil. You need to get with the program. 🙂

  3. Phil – the above comment was from Jud – not Kim. I forgot to log Kim out before I left the reply.

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