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Last week my dad was in Canada (did you see him on that bobsled?) while the rest of us just pretended we were through the television and by stepping outside. While he was gone Gideon melted down a few times about ‘needing his Poppy.’  There was great anticipation for his return so we slept over at their house on Saturday night to facilitate the morning reunion.

Gideon always creeps out of his bed now and runs down the hall for his Yaya and Poppy’s room as soon as he is awake. Poppy heard him and met him in the hallway. Poppy scooped him up and Gideon pressed his cheek hard against Poppy’s cheek for a long moment.  Then he pushed back and looked straight into Poppy’s eyes, saying “Show me the moon, Poppy.”

Gideon, I’m pretty sure he’d give you the moon.

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  1. aww, that’s really sweet. How blessed you are to have such terrific grandparents for your kids and to live so close to them!

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