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So, it’s been what, almost three full days since the cast was removed.  Water has been the main event in these short days and today was no different.  We went to the little park one suburb over where water shoots out of metal things and into buckets and all over the children.  It’s free and it is a fairly hot day.  I figured it would be fun. 

And it was…until one of the big kids ran smack into him and he nailed the back of his head on the pavement.  There were tons of kids there and I know it could have happened to anyone and I’m sure the kid didn’t mean to do it, but there is that part of me that just wants to jerk a knot into that little girl. I have no idea if she was a part of the legion of daycare kids that showed up ten minutes after the water started or if her mother was one of the ones sitting in the shade ignoring the children altogether, but either way I wanted to blame an adult for their lack of proper attention.  As I held my sobbing child I wanted to yell at someone and tell them about how he just got done being the kid with something wrong.  I wanted to get a bunch of bubble wrap and bind his little body with it. I wanted to be able to mend the swelling and the pain.  And I couldn’t do any of it.

So we came home.


  1. Sorry to hear about the head bonk. I can totally relate to that protection instinct when your kid gets hurt that you want to rip into somebody and make it be someone’s fault and fix it all. I’ve tried to explain it to Luke why I gotta yell at someone (him?) when one of the kids falls down. But I don’t really get it myself. You’re right, we moms just want to make it all ok and we get upset when we can’t do that.

    Glad the cast came off alright and you are enjoying things getting back to normal. We have now joined you in the x-ray club. We just got back from KS so I will blog about it as soon as I can get my photos up.

  2. We are checking security video at the water park to see if we can get a good video ID of the female suspect who bumped into my unsuspecting grandson and when we do…. well, let’s just say it isn’t going to be pretty as we get medieval.

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