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So, I kind of stopped writing there for a bit.  I suppose in part because of the horrible blahness of the wintry ugly sky and the sad matted grass in our front yard that has snow mold.  Even our grass was tired of all that ridiculous snow.  So tired, it got a fungus.  Sweet.

But now?  Now it is SUNNY.  The sky is blue and the wind is not slicing through the layers of clothing I put on in an attempt to stay warm in my own family room.  You’ll have to keep looking elsewhere for internet hilarity and distraction.  In the meantime, you can check out Piper’s first birthday party in pictures.

Prepped and ready to go. Both Piper and Gideon were still sleeping when the party was supposed to start.  That’s how kids roll.  No party? Forty minutes. Party? Four hours.  Makes sense.

Once she was awake, she ate some cake.  And totally hearted that thing. And then later she puked it up.  That’s what happens when you don’t eat sugar for a year.  Ask Sarah about if you need additional info on that one.

One of her friends that came to the party.  Piper loves her all the way to the ground (which is where they wind up if Piper actually gets a hold of her).

Did I mention that she loved the cake?  She did. Mucho.

After party. They needed sunglasses.  DON’T ASK.


  1. Happy Birthday (party) Piper! I can’t believe she’s already a year!

  2. i meant to ask her, where did your mom get that hutch in her dining room? i like it.

  3. i loved getting her pictures!!! kim, how is this possible?! you have a beautiful one-year old and i haven’t met her. ugh. but, i’m thankful to get to see what the par-tay was like! 😉 what precious kiddos… what an incredible family! truly.
    i miss you and DO plan on talking with you soon!

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