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I just thought I’d put a quick post up here, this week is supposed to be a bit of a repreive from the rest of the semester, however its been super busy so far – much busier than if I were to have had classes. This past weekend as many of you know, three of our friends visited us. It was a weekend full of catching up, stories, and staying up way too late. In fact, it took me until about Tuesday to start feeling normal again. Sleep depraviation has a tendency to cause me to get really edgy and occasionally nonsensical. Anyway, before I experience more of that deprevation I better show you some pictures and go to bed.
Friday evening we enjoyed a nice Tex-Mex meal at a place called Matt’s which is within walking distance of our place. I’m a pretty big fan of their salsa and they also have nice outdoor area.

Kim, Krytal, & Sarah (from left to right)We took Krystal by a small private school where she attended High School for a couple years, you should ask her about it sometime… While we were seeing Krystal’s old school we were surprised to see some sort of strange southern pioneer world across the street. It was complete with women in bonnets with long dresses and confederate soldiers with muskets. In addition they had a small farm/zoo complete with a donkey, cow, and a bunch of sheep who ate anything I fed them. The sheep on the right side of the picture ate at least 20 acorns I fed him from the ground. This we really strange considering this whole thing was right next to downtown Dallas.

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