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This past weekend was unbelievable relaxing fun.  The days leading up to it were slightly more frantic.  A week ago we were rushing around like crazy people hanging curtains and painting doors in an effort to have the house ready for Bible study that night. I know, right?  They don’t really care that much about the curtains or the door color.  But I do. I love to make things just so and then stand back and see how the peeps enjoy them. I’m that way about the stuff I make and the things I write too.  I don’t really want anybody looking at any of it until I am ready.  Ready may be while it is all still in process, but I’ve reached some sort of level of satisfaction that allows for input and judgment.  Until then, I need to keep the curtain drawn. 

Oh yes, the curtains.  Most of them are up.  The main floor still has naked windows offering full sight into our little fish bowl.  Best to keep fully clothed when on that floor.  Also because of the freezing. We got this giant bill from the gas company demanding we saw off a limb or sign over Gideon’s soul, so we turned down the heat.  It’s above 60. It’s below 65.  I am c-o-l-d.  Gideon is fine.  He is usually all warm and deliciously sweaty after a nap.  My cold cold hands changing his diaper might explain why he hasn’t been loving changing time though.

I’ll post some pictures of the work we’ve done soon…right after I take them…which will be right after I pick up the toys, coasters and tupperware that are strewn about.  It only takes a minute to put it all back but I get so tired of doing it that sometimes I just wait until 4:00.  We’re getting close to that hour now, so you may be in luck tonight.

I’ll give you the lowdown on the weekend now…because you were dying to know, no?

Ronke arrived on Friday and we dined at the Family Lo Sole’s famous deliciousness.  I had the Pasta Reggio.  I am a creature of habit. 

Saturday was Josyln, the zoo, eating at home and a little late night time at the Corkscrew.  Ronke hadn’t been to our zoo before, although she has been to O-town a few times. Gideon hadn’t been before either.  It was kind of disappointing for everyone. There were lots of cages and the habitats were very nice. Animals, however, were hard to find. We did hang out with some chimps for a while.  Gideon liked the little guys playing and the daddy chimp wanted Ronke’s purse.  He is apparently very into Tim Gunn. 

Sunday was church and Charlestons (why they don’t have one of those in Dallas is still confusing me) and then shopping with my mom. Ronke and I did very well. No debit cards were used.  Adam and Tom and Brad came over that evening. We watched a movie after they left. It was a full day.

 Gideon is crying now so I better go get him from his nap.  There’s a story about why he is taking this one so late today.  I’ll share soon.


  1. Is the date/time on your blog set 12 hours ahead? Either that or you’re just lighting-speed-efficient and already have a start on tomorrow. Happy first day of Spring by the way.

  2. I’ve been dabbling in time travel. Something to do with a magnetic pulse and a polar bear. Speaking of which, I am really behind watching Lost.

    Thanks for the heads up Tawnya! Now to go do some changing…..

  3. Oh hey, I’ll just catch you up. The spy on the boat is that one person. And whathis(or her)bucket is dead. And (spoiler alert) Ben is sorta evil.

  4. Why I love Kat….

    See above.

    Seriously, girl you are hilarious.

  5. Thank you for the weekend! Dave Ramsey would have been so proud of us!! Still haven’t made a cheesecake, but soon.

  6. Also, I love the pic of me in the living room, I look so happy I almost don’t recognize myself…new facebook picture in 3…2…1

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