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Last Saturday the Color Run Omaha occurred. Here are my important points:

– 13,000 people running just over 3 miles seems like a lot of people to move through a small space.

– 13,000 people WALKING just over 3 miles will take forever and infuriate anyone who thought they would be running.

– I really hate the idea of people throwing stuff at me while I work out.

– If you wait to start a race until 10am during July and then create dusty cornstarch clouds every so often, you might want to offer water to the people who are inhaling the cloud as they pass through. No, one offering is not enough.

– General niceties such as slower traffic to the right should be in play here instead of creating meandering walls of humans for runners to dodge.

– There is absolutely nothing good that comes from having children under one year old out during the heat of the day to complete a 5k.

– The above is true for children five and under as well.

So, yeah, I wasn’t one of those people who thought this was ‘the happiest 5k on the planet’. I was the one with a surly expression wishing people would not stop directly in front of me.

This Saturday, some friends and I have decided to run our own race. There will not be any colored cornstarch and if 13k people attempt to do the same thing, we’ll just run a different route. It’s the Redemption Run and I’m gonna be happy.

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