Reasons Why You Don’t Comment

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We have a stat counter on this blog. We know you are reading these very words. We see your IP address. We know the country, state and city in which your IP address lives. We know all.

But why are you not commenting?

This is a very important question that begs an answer, people. BEGS. And thus, I give you…The List About Why You Are Lurking (aka Fishing for Comments From our Loyal Readers Who Totally Stink at Telling Us What They Think).

1. You are trapped by the bookshelf that fell over and the only motor skill left after your spine was severed is the one that lets you keep refreshing this page.

2. You are illiterate and only look at this page for the ‘funi pitchurz.’

3. You are my grade school nemesis who does not want me to know your true identity.

4. You are way too busy (like, you have no idea!) to click on that little link at the bottom and then actually, like, um, type something and then possibly, I dunno, create a profile and stuff and like seriously, don’t even get me started about word verification!

5. You are at work and believe ‘they’ are tracking you. Although you are not scared of ‘them’ enough to keep from reading this site, you are positive ‘they’ will shut you down as soon as they see you leave a comment.

6. You are terrified to comment given my incredible blogging powers that I lord over your weak little typing skills.

7. You are only reading so that you can see if your voodoo is working.

8. You found this blog by hitting the “next blog” link and have the attention span of a gnat.

9. You are Jud’s ex-wannabe-almost-in-your-mind-only girlfriend and are totally afraid of Kim inviting you to the gun show if you tell them you are here.

10. You don’t know how.

(Know how you can tell me which answer is yours? POST A COMMENT!)


  1. Answer: None of the above!
    1. I think I have an identity on this blogger world, but amidst all the other passwords I have to keep up with (b/c of creepy identity theft people), can’t for the life of me figure out what alias I signed up under (and quite frankly, too lazy to figure it out!)
    2. I’m a spell-a-phobe! Where in the world is the spell check on the comment box..Yes, who ever invented spel chek gave me a kruch that I can no longur liv without!
    3. Because I come on here for pure enjoyment to laugh & chuckle at your witty thoughts…please don’t give me homework, teacher! It takes the fun out of learning.

    Love ya! Zan

  2. Something.

  3. well, by your little tracker thing you can tell that we HAVEN’T been reading your blog lately. But now that we’re settled back in here and have more time to catch up, I may have to use that fallen bookshelf excuse.

  4. Ok, ok. I am one of the lurkers you refer to, but now have decided to come clean. The sister told me about the site some time ago, but I was never officially invited so I didn’t want to leave a message at that time. She said “don’t worry, it’s for all to see.” Anyway, I love reading your messages. I laugh almost every time at one of the posts because I think very much the same way. It is one of my highlights of the day. (It’s true!) My reason for not posting is because I hate writing things for all the world to see, so this was a stretch for me. Whew, I did it.

  5. I’m one of those silent kids in class who never answer any questions or read out loud when the prof asks someone to. Those kids look very startled when the teacher calls on them because doesn’t he know that they don’t talk in class?
    [startled look]

  6. I actually wrote a comment the other day and could not get it to upload for whatever reason…I blame all computer problems on Daniel’s BibleSoft!!! Anyway, I’ll gladly say “hello”. It’s no secret…I check your blog regularly. Sometimes, I might even check it MANY times in a day. It’s habit: 1) I get on-line, 2) I check my e-mail, 3) My fingers automatically take me to a handfull of websites (regardless of when I last checked them). There you have it. By the way, Kim, I FINALLY have my cell phone back. I WILL BE IN TOUCH!!! Love ya!

  7. Now that I’m back in civilization, maybe I’ll leave you a comment from time to time….

  8. According to my calculations…none of those said “NEW BABY” and the other Two year old has more energy than three toddlers! You can ask Amber you can ask my Mother! ELIJAH is out of control! My mother says he is just like I was! NOW THAT is scary! I feel quite bad for her now! My reason for not commenting is this…By the time I have found my way to the computer…done a little of the updating of my own site…had a few minutes of the “extra” time to look at other sites like your own, Elijah has torn the house apart and come up here to litterlly take my hand off of the mouse and put it on something he wants it on…most likely something he found in the fridge or like right now, brought me left over bread sticks from last night opened the sauce container and dropped it on the floor (AWESOME, now I have red carpet) If you really could only see how long it really took to write out this comment…15 minutes! HAHA Then that would be why I only get to the reading part…now I will be going to get carpet cleaner for the RED CARPET! THANK YOU!
    Katie Meester

  9. i know how you feel… certain people do not leave comments on my blog either. ahem. i must have something caught in my throat. ahem. hello! you don’t have to use your real identity or anything!!! look at me, i’ll be someone else for this post.

  10. Of course we ALL read your blog. How else would we know what’s going on in your lives when we’re so far away. We send our love and prayers even if we don’t send comments.
    Dad & Mom, Mel & Mandy Mackrill

  11. I comment, so there. Just not enoughl, because I read your blog via my RSS reader, which has right now about 100 subscriptions in it…so between reading those, my site, the new site I’m writing for, and you know, life…I don’t get around to writing much. I promise I will try harder (this is the 3rd or maybe 4th comment I’ve posted tonight – from the Green Mill in Bismarck, ND mind you!)

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