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Holy cow this week is over.  I can’t imagine being happier to have a week pass.  I’ll barely remember this week years from now, heck, I barely remember it today.  I was sick beyond the level of typical human malady.  I was zombie sick.  It was horrific.

Somehow I still managed to push out some work this week.  Apparently fevers help the creativity…?  Or, at least makes me care less about the end product enough to say that something is finished with less agonizing over the details. Let’s face it, very few people are able to see the minuscule aspects of what I do.  Most don’t even notice the dramatic changes, so I should probably step away from Photoshop about an hour before I actually do.  Ah, perfectionism.  The little troll I love to feed.

During these dark days a few things happened.  Gideon popped out two more teeth (with very little drama).  Jud painted things at our house (in spite of our agreement that he would step away from the paintbrushes.  He is anxious to get those baseboards done, God love him).  Chris finally got kicked off of Project Runway (thank goodness!). 

The moral of the story is to beware the zombies and their zombie trances.  You could miss wonderful, tragic, satisfying events.  So wash your hands more and for Pete’s sake keep them out of your mouth!

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