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It comes off today. The cast Gideon’s new weapon of choice is about to be buzzed off of his little arm.  I am both ecstatic and terrified of the upcoming event.  I’ll be so glad when this is over, but the process of removal is going to be a bit nerve wracking.  We’ve been making buzz sounds while running our fingers over the cast for a few days now in what is probably a ridiculous attempt to prepare him for the saw.  I’m guessing there will be tears and then the release of an incredibly stinky shriveled arm.  And then there will be a bath.  Pronto.

In other news, I have been freed from the planning and worrying of bridal shower preparations.  The shower was yesterday.  I think it went fine, although I got all shaky voiced while giving the little devotional.  Why must I get so emotional in public?!  It was nothing compared to that time my parents renewed their vows and mascara ran down my face for fifteen minutes while I choked through what I’d written, squinting through the tears to see.  Yesterday was more nerves and no real tears. It’s been a while since I’ve done any real forms of public speaking and I am woefully out of practice.  Guess I’ll have to crash a speech class at the community college and give that persuasive speech I was talking about yesterday.

The speech is entitled “Why Eat Cheesecake?” and my speech will be “Here, taste it.  See?”  Probably won’t meet the time requirement, but I’m guessing you’d be persuaded.  

Speaking of cheesecake, I made two of them for the shower…one chocolate chip and one chocolate heath bar.  The chocolate chip cheesecake has an Oreo crust, which I made from my normal specifications.  It turned out incredibly buttery. So buttery in fact that I still need to lock up the oven and switch it over to the self cleaning cycle before I bake anything in there again.  Butter everywhere.  What gives Oreo? Has America’s favorite dunking cookie recently changed?  Are you now naturally more buttery?  You are still just as delicious.  Another baker at the shower mentioned she encountered a similar problem with her butter to cookie ratio.  It made me feel better.

Making me feel great will be our return to the pool later this week.  Thank goodness babies heal so quickly!

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  1. Yeah!! That will be so nice to have that thing OFF. Can’t imagine how excited you’ll be for the bath & time at the pool afterwards. Ran into your parents a few weeks ago….was fun to see them!

    katie <

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