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This was going to be an album review of Miley Cyrus’s new release, but then I realized that I hate teen pop, have only heard her sing one time (thinking that the gravel in her voice must be from all those nic sticks) and would rather shove hot knives into my ear holes.  

Instead, I’ll tell you about this: Money for Your Used Cell Phone

Cost: Free allows you to send in your old cell phone or used electronic gadget at no cost to you. In return, the service sends you money back, depending on the quality and the demand of the phone you sent.

The service often refurbishes your used gadget and sells your old cell phones to South America or other under-developed areas. What can’t be re-used Flipswap salvages for scrap and for the parts of precious metals that are inside the device that are often valuable.

The average payout from the site is $30.

(Props to GMA for the info)

Next time you are tempted to start the complaining about those dang gas prices, just take all that energy and round up your old gadgets and send them in.  You’ll feel better and you can get a little moolah too.

Happy hunting.

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