Right Here in Middle America

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There’s not a lot to say about things like this.

We are all safe here. We don’t think we know anyone who was terrorized by this incredibly selfish, completely narcissistic imbecile. It’s such a tragic, fatal wound to society that people care more about making their own name known than the good of other humans. It’s why people drink and drive. It’s why people leave their spouses and children to find themselves. It’s why American Idol is such a phenomenon. It’s why people cut each other off in traffic.

It’s nothing new, I know. There’s nothing new under the sun. It’s just that this part of the earth seemed like it was sheltered from such a direct ray of light. You can pay lip service to knowing that’s not true, but when the cell towers are jammed because everyone is trying to get a hold of each other and make sure they are okay, it’s a wholly different kind of knowledge.

So hug your kids and kiss your baby and ask that the Lord won’t wait much longer.

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