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That new water heater I’ve been dreaming of is being installed right this minute while people scream on my radio about being debt free.  It’s feeling very good to not have to shell out the big bucks for this giant piece of metal that I will love every day I enjoy hot water from my tap and shower.

I did call Jud and my dad to tell them to get in touch with me if they hadn’t heard from me in an hour or so. It’s always nerve racking for me to let strange dirty men into my house even if it is to help me out (will they kill us?  will they come back later to attack us?  how will i save the children if they try to hurt us? plan! if you don’t plan, you’ll fail and in this instance failure means death.  PLAN!!!).  I realize it’s over the top.  I realize it’s on the other side of sanity.  I still do it.  Isn’t sharing that with you the first step to healing or something?

Ahem.  So here we are making it to the weekend with four healthy people, one new water heater and fajitas on the menu. Doesn’t get any better.


  1. I so get you. I am totally freaked out by strangers (especially men) in my house!

  2. I know what you mean about the strange men in your house, I hate that too.

    So do you pay for a home warranty plan or something? Tell me about it.

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