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I was in the kitchen a bit ago making Jud a sandwich when I saw some people and dogs through the window above the sink. They were all just standing around and I didn’t know why. Then I realized that the man had a bird in his hands. They left after a bit and I gave Jud his sandwich and eventually came upstairs.

Once away from the noise of hijacking airplanes and the First Lady freaking out about medication, I heard a bunch of flap, flap, flapping outside and saw the bird, broken wing and all flailing about on the ground, while the carport cats lurked above. I was mesmerized by the helplessness and the fear. I periodically shrieked about, making sure the cats heard me to “stay away from that bird!” until the bird flipped itself onto it’s own back and the started kicking as fast as it could to no avail. I told Jud we had to do something and that I was pretty sure that something was kill the bird.

He paused 24, put his shoes on and hit the bird with a board.

The bird is dead.

The cats are well fed.

Rest in Peace, Pigeon.

The thing about pigeons is, you can’t respect them. To quote Allison, they are the rats of the sky (she wrote a beautiful song about it once and we sang it around a little four year old boy and then he was sort of singing along and we realized that four year old boys should not sing songs with choruses that say, “pigeons, they’re the rats of the sky” and we tried to make him forget it). Of course, you can’t respect those cats either, so….meh.


  1. Hey Kim, Left a post on the previous day. Oops, I ment July 2nd or 3rd. I can’t wait to get my mouth on some “PROM CAKES” 🙂
    Take Care!

  2. goodness! i repeatedly burst out laughing in this computer lab as i read your blog, thinking about our song. that is one of those great anecdotes from our friendship that i always forget and you always remember, so everytime i hear it i laugh as hard as the first time. i don’t remember much about the song, except that i think it was sung in a high falsetto sort of voice. basically just repeating the chorus a lot? i’m not sure, but that seems like a pretty great song. it is hilarious when children start to sing it, but they really shouldn’t remember it well enough to sing to their mothers upon pickup. what a fabulous day that was, i am so glad you are around to remind me!

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