Saturday Sleeping & Speculation

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My headache was back. Only worse, so I brought out the Big Guns – Midrin – aka the medicine of champions. I took one and the tingling started to make everything better. I was telling Jud how awesome I felt one moment and then had essentially passed out the next. Lulled into a headache free sleep, I was totally rocking in that free world. Jud went to the library to read and read and read. I woke up feeling a little bit better right before he came home, but it was now four thirty or so in the afternoon. One complete day wasted to head pain.

What to do with our evening?

We could rent a movie (But there’s nothing we’re really itching to see, so why spend money on something we just sort of want to watch?).
We could sweat some more and go out walking (Yes, but the head and the aching).
We could return this movie we rented and let the neighbors borrow (Winner!).

This project only took about ten minutes. Not quite an evening of activity. Back to the drawing board.

Consumption of goods (we have no need for anything and had already consummed left over pizza and one piece each of Peanut Butter Pie).
Perusing of goods (we have no need to look for things we do not need).
Driving about aimlessly or maybe to a lake somewhere in Garland (boredom + consumption of gas = irresponsibility).
Home (the place we pay to be and really do love except you can only stay within it’s confines before you start gnawing on your own limbs) (Winner!) (Let the gnawing commence.).

To stave off the teeth, we went for a walk in the hot hot heat and sweat sweat sweat as we went. We decided that we should not let the heat dissuade us from such activities because we were going to sweat anyway (it’s Texas and sweat happens (except for two weeks in February)), so why not just lace up our shoes and get out there. It really did make us feel so much better.

Of course, the thing of it was that we did originally have plans for this night, but then we totally chickened out. Our Sunday school class was doing a girls night / guys night in separate locations and we just barely know these people. We had really good intentions of going (hence the aforementioned pie) but when it came down to it, it was just slightly too intimidating for us.

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