Saturday Sorrow aka Drowning our Tears in Fish

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If Saturday’s game didn’t feel like a kick in the teeth to you, then I’m pretty sure you don’t cheer for NE. It was the most difficult thing I’ve watched so far this year and I caught part of those tapes with beheadings from Saddam’s reign of terror (okay, so I didn’t actually see those, but my father described them to me yesterday on the phone (we don’t get the National Geographic channel) and they sounded pretty gruesome…beheadings and people getting thrown off rooftops and snatched out of the crowd and the whole bit. Dude was nuts. Still is). Anyway, back to the football misery. Jud and I watched it in disbelief and horror. We did miss the last, albeit meaningless, NE touchdown because we were on our way to a fish fry at Brandon and Zanna’s.

(I’ve gotta say that we were less than excited about going to the party, given that four of the people in attendance went to OSU. We obviously wore our Husker gear and Brandon and Zanna wore their orange OSU shirts, but there wasn’t too much ribbing, thank goodness (Missouri lost and my hopes were high. Too high, apparently. I just believe so much in those boys and it killed me to see them not show up. Where were you Blackshirts? Zac, where was your head? Why did you keep your fingers from curling around that ball, Maurice and Nate and the rest of you? We’re not mad at you. We just never want to see any of that behavior again. Mkay?).

We did have a really great night with everybody…Jenn makes some killer hush puppies, in case you were wondering and Jud loved the shrimp Mike boiled with potatoes and corn and all. We didn’t eat much that was good for us, but we did eat well! Here are a few pictures of the crowd…

These pictures are thanks to Zanna…

From left to right, Mike, Gina, Jared and Brandy.
From left to right, Chad, Melissa, Jenn, Daniel, and Wally (complete with OSU shirt).


  1. I was saving my ribbing for a blog comment…Go Pokes! How ’bout that Peterson’s interception & touchdown?! Orange Power!!

    Just to prepare you, I’ll be wearing Maroon on Nov. 11th…not only are we Cowboy fans, but we’re Aggies, too!!

    Love you guys & glad we can be friends in spite of our football differences! =)

    Zan & Wally

  2. Wow, what kind words you have spoken on behalf of me and my killer hush puppy skills! =) What a time that was…just glad I didn’t burn us with not just one, but MANY, hot oil and water interactions!!! YIKES! It really is best that I avoid stoves. =) Anyway, thanks for all the FALL FISH FRYIN’ FUN Saturday. It was, as I said, “good for the soul”! And, I’m so thankful we finally worked into our busy schedules a gathering of friends. And, just to confirm my OSU pride… I had already forgotten COMPLETELY about that game until you brought it up. So, in keeping with my duty as an “alum”, I must say “Go Pokes!”. =)But, even better…”BOOMER! SOONER!”

  3. Just stopped by to let you know I’m praying for your grandpa. Love and miss ya, Tammie 🙂

  4. I just have to say – did they body snatch Zac Taylor? He does not look like the same kid that started for us. He looks confused most of the time and doesn’t ever have a backup plan!! I agree, where is everyone at game time? It’s so embarrassing. Last weeks game was a mess and I had to put up with the Longhorn fan in this family. I even had on red and orange for some bi-partisan support. Good thing I’ve still got my Wolverines:)

  5. Hmm, I didn’t know Melissa could be a girl and a guy name…

  6. Rebecca, you are hilarious! I totally thought the same thing (I had Jud post the pictures for me because it’s probably not the smartest thing to post pictures on your blog from work). Anyway, he added the captions too and I just smiled to myself and wondered if anybody else would catch it. Chad is a lovely girls name, as well :D.

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