Seeing is Believing

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A couple of months ago now Piper started doing this really fast blinking thing. Not all the time and not just at certain times, but randomly throughout the day, she would blink a whole bunch and the lift her chin and squint, like her Poppy does when he doesn’t have his glasses handy. It was kind of cute and I didn’t think anything about it at first. She has some crazy odd hair right now. I figured it was poking her in the eyes and annoying her. I ignored it.

But my mom didn’t. She’s good like that. She poked at me a little to ‘have that checked out’ and I drug my feet a little. By the time I was convinced that something could maybe possibly actually be incorrect and finally called the pediatric eye doctor there was a two week wait. TWO WEEKS. Two weeks including a vacation where she claimed to not be able to see the mountains of Colorado. THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS. Yeah. I wasn’t going to cancel that appointment.

I woke Gideon from his nap (His NAP!! He took a NAP today and hopefully all of the terrible behavior of late will dissipate now that his will has been bent back to mine and he is getting rest in the afternoon) and loaded them into the van. Fantastic office. Great doctor. All of the staff commented on her shoes. The doc asked if she is always this cooperative (answer: for doctors? yes. girl loves to get checked out by medical professionals. She’ll need a job with great benefits some day). And then he pronounced her far sighted. The exact opposite of what I thought might be the problem. Huh.

Blinking? Guesses: She colors and writes ALL the time and perhaps does not blink so much while she is creating. Blinking when she is done is the overcompensation for her concentration. OR she maybe just likes blinking and got into a habit and since she is two she keeps doing it, without really thinking about it. OR there’s always that hair thing. If only she loved barrettes just a bit more.

Whatever the case, she doesn’t need glasses. Neither does Gideon. But they both complained about their eyes on the way home. I don’t have to guess at why. Licorice sticks as rewards convinced them both that getting their eyes dilated is worth the trouble.

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