Shaking it Off

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Oh hello, Thursday.  We weren’t sure we’d see you this week since we were so busy evacuating our innards for all those days and forgetting entirely that the water heater was supposed to be replaced on Monday because we were being held hostage at Mom-mom and Poppy’s place.  And then we woke up yesterday and started to live again.  It’s so nice to be alive, isn’t it?  We really like it too and hope to stay on this side of healthy for at least the rest of this week (yes, I’m aiming low).

For real, though.  This has been a rear-end kicking winter of ill.  I will not miss the bone chilling cold and I will not miss the gut wrecking boughts of sickness.

I will miss these things:

– Piper is taking her first steps.  I wouldn’t know what that looks like though since she took them for Poppy and for Daddy but to date refuses to show her Mama some love.

– Gideon is Mr. Inventive during playtime.  His little men talk to each other in different degrees of excitement and anxiousness.  His voice leaps around as he acts out tragedies and comedies and mostly action adventure drama.  It’s fantastic.

– Jud brought me a really wonderful bouquet last week.  It’s sitting on top of the little toy cube holder, right underneath the picture Allison painted of Jud & me and every time I look in that direction, which is constantly since those toys are the center of our universe, I get all warm and happy.

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  1. woah, walking already, and Gideon’s telling jokes? you have some very on-the-ball (cute) kids!

    Sorry you’ve all been so sick this season. Hope you’ve paid your dues now and get a good long break.

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