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We still haven’t bought batteries for the camera which is why you cannot see any new pictures. They are trapped on the memory stick like those kids in that commercial that wants me to buy a printer or something. We did, however, manage to buy a new battery for my car today since it threw a huge fit about not liking the old one anymore and just refused to do anything. It was very much like when little kids get mad and instead of throwing a fit, they just go limp and stare straight ahead. Those kids really annoy me. I’d replace them too.

Last week work was slow and there were not many things to do. This week work is out of control busy. So busy that I told this one guy I couldn’t do the thing he wanted me to do and cc-ed my boss so that she could tell him that I couldn’t do it either and she did in her super wonderful way (because, I know I haven’t really mentioned her, but she is super wonderful). Then he wrote back about how he is busy too. Guess that makes three of us. Too bad your busy stuff isn’t anywhere in my job description.

I am not sick now. Jud is. He makes a lot of those “I’m either going to hack this thing up or puke up all of the contents of my stomach” noises. It’s repelling and endearing all at the same time. I want to comfort, but I also want to stay far far away from the goo. On Sunday he accidentally spit some of the goo onto the window instead of out of it. I wish you could’ve been there.

Two friends had babies recently. One on Monday and one today. Congratulations baby machines and new earthlings! Welcome to your planet. I’m sorry that your grandparents are using up all the social security. By the time they’re finished with my generation, you are going to have to pay like half your pay check to the federal government, but at least you’ll drive one of those fun new nuclear powered cars!

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  1. you are wonderful. i will call you this weekend so i can laugh at your jokes in person, funny lady.

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