Showers of the BehBeh Kind

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Yesterday our little place filled with friends and quiches and hummingbird cakes, deviled eggs, delicious sandwiches, sweet tea and new things. My living room now looks as if I robbed a Babies R Us (which was the other option to procuring all of these items until Zanna, Jenn and Gina came up with a more law abiding and delicious solution).

I thought I’d share some pictures with you and show you how amazing all of our friends are to give us things without receiving anything in return (I’m hoping that’s not some sort of foreshadowing about thank you notes, but I really can’t promise you anything).

Anyway, here’s the shower in pictures…

These faces have graced these pages before.
(but somehow they look younger and prettier than ever before…
botox? surgery? nope. just sheer natural gorgeousness)

Sara, Hansy, Rachel and Michelle muggin for the camera.
Zanna tries to convince me to be proud of the state that will appear on the birth certificate

(and fails) but succeeds in seducing my taste buds with cake.

Jenn, Kelly, Ronke and Erin lookin fine.

Take your gigs and your hooks elsewhere!

Ronke and Kim are very smiley.

Sweet baby Hunter and his mama Carole. So cute!

And you thought all that robbing talk was hyperbole.

Check out that loot!

Prayers for the baby, me and Jud (one of my favorite parts).

Thank you to the party planners and the party people! I had a really great day with all of you and was tired in all the right ways by the end of it all. I am sad for those of you who live so far away to not get to meet all of the sweet women in these pictures. They have made my time down here so much more than bearable. They have made memories with me that will last a lifetime. I love you guys.


  1. I have “friends” in all the right places that will take care of that little problem with the Texas birth certificate. A little white-out here, a few stickers there, and next thing you know that certificate will be Husker Red!
    Of course, we could always LifeFlight you back to Nebraska for the delivery. It would be worth the cost.

  2. I am so sad I missed your shower. stupid 24 hour drive. I was thinking of you of course, and thought of calling… but imagined you asleep under a pile of newly gifted blankets and booties, cake crumbs all about, and I thought I should let you rest.

  3. Hey Kim, I’m so glad you had a wonderful baby shower. I loved all the pic. Got a chance to talk to the Poppi and Grandma this past week. They are very ecstatic Grandparents:) Somethings in the mail for you and the BehBeh:) Take Care! Love ya!

  4. p.s. I’m sure people are all telling you this but I will tell you again, girlfriend you are glowing.

  5. What FUN it was to spend the day with you! I hope you’ve found a home for all of your sweet new belongings… well, new belongings for the soon to arrive baby Mack! Zan must be hugely relieved that he’s not made his grand entrance yet. But, I’m certainly hoping that he doesn’t get here until I’m back on Sunday! =) Anyway, I just have to add that you have the one and only picture anyone will EVER see of me seemingly supporting Texas! It was only for the humor of the moment, but I have great regrets that I did not find a way to show my love for those Sooners! What a letdown I must be…truly a trader…for all of those Oklahoma fans in the world. =) Love ya! Call me if you need anything.

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