Sick and Busy

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[this picture is from a chili cookoff we attended the summer of 2003]

I’m not sure what things are like in your area of the country but things are pretty sick here in Texas. Sick in that everyone has been getting this sort of cold/flu type of illness that kind of does you in for a few days. Our friend Jenn had it most of this week and I think that Kim and I are starting to really feel it today. Kim has been feeling kind of achy for the past couple days but the true cold symptoms hit both of us today when we woke up. In other non-sickness news, I’ve been pretty busy with the completion of my school work for my wintersession class which is due on Monday morning. I just finished my last paper but I have to proofread another paper I had already written so everything should be good to turn in. I’ll be glad to have this monkey off my back so I can actually focus on the classes I have been taking during the normal part of my semester. Well, I just want to put a post and let everyone know that we’re still alive. I hope everything is going well with everyone else. Just so everyone knows, we found this out this week:

Paula and I met with my surgeon, Dr. Reilly, this morning at Ehlring Berquist Hospital and received great news: the tumor (which measured 3 inches long by 2 inches wide) and the lymphs were cancer free! This means NO chemo or radiation treatments are needed, so we are just thrilled with the news. Praise the Lord!

My blood pressure has also returned to within normal limits for me (~138/84) for the last two days, so we thank you all for praying about that problem. The doctor did say I was overdoing my physical activities and stated that I need to rest more during the day. Moreover, I will not allowed to drive while taking the vicodin during the day, so it may be two more weeks before my driving privileges are returned.

We can never begin to thank you all for all of the notes/emails of encouragement, cards,
meals and so forth. It has really meant a lot to both of us knowing that so many people were uplifting us in prayer. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rick & Paula Bragg

This is truly an answer to a lot of prayers and we’re delighted that there was no cancer.

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy” Psalm 126:3

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