Sickness and Disease

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My kid got his very first cold last week and he is still sniffing and choking on the goo draining down his throat. Of course, we’ve had it too, which makes taking care of the sick little guy even more enjoyable. Who doesn’t want to feel wiped out and snotty while trying to convince a four month old to sleep? Right? In spite of the head goo, he’s still been pretty pleasant.

Oh yeah, and he’s getting huge…..

Gearing up on Game Day

Chillin with Grans while she watches her stories

Hanging out with Grandma…it really is this much fun


  1. Oh my GOODNESS! He really is getting so big and changing so much! How cute is he?! Love the husker gear…way to have him sport it. Praying for all the goo to be gone from you guys soon:(

  2. Wait til you all have the stomach flu together – joy, joy!!
    Love the shirt – Adam is trying to get his work schedule changed around on Saturday so he doesn’t have to watch another “taped” game.
    We’ve had cross country or work during the past two weeks. It’s hard not to hear the score or who won before we can actually see it ourselves – yikes!!
    Hope you’re all feeling better soon;)

  3. I’m so glad you called last night. It felt like you were just sitting right here in our living room chatting with Gina and me. I miss you so much!!

    Oh, my word! Gideon is getting so big & so stinkin’ handsome!!! Give that baby a hug from his Aunt Zan!!

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