sleep deprived and full of asian noodles

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It’s not so hot today, but Jud and I are both dragging from the lack of sleep. We have this little debate about what going to bed “early” means. I say getting ready for bed at 9:30 at night does not mean we are going to bed early. It means we are going to bed at a normal time. Getting ready for bed at 10:00 is going to bed late while getting ready for bed at, say, 8:00, is early. The issue of course, is how long you spend ‘getting ready for bed.’

Floss. Brush teeth. Check email while brushing. Check blog. Check friend’s blogs. Remember funny email and show to spouse. Spit. Put toothbrush away. Wash face. Toner. Firming lotion. Eye cream. Zit cream. Moisturizer. Pluck various stray eyebrows. Stare into closet over what to wear to work the next day. Pretend to read book. Snuggle. Talk and talk and talk. — Can you see why this takes me an hour or more? I do not do this quickly and he participates in it all, making it longer and this is why when the alarm sounds at 5am we think there must be some mistake and maybe there was a power surge and now the clock is set for midnight and yes, that’s it. It must be midnight and I will have five more glorious hours of resting, but then, no. That’s not true. The clock says that it is 5:00 and soon it will go off again because the snooze button is not the off button.

Then, of course, napping during the late afternoon makes you think that getting ready for bed at 9:30 is preposterous and that only people who are younger than twelve do such things. People younger than twelve and Kim. Kim is a professional sleeper and can pretty much sleep on command.

I used to really envy those kids in elementary school who could puke on demand. They wanted to get out of school for the rest of the day, or at least spend some time laying down on the weird black nylon bed in the nurses office to avoid some math test and they’d just bring up lunch without so much as finger down their throat. Those kids were talented. I couldn’t make myself throw up to save my life. I can, however, fall asleep at almost any given moment. Not in the narcolepsy, can’t help but fall asleep way, but in that “she may have descended from sloths” kind of way.

Jud’s trying to keep his eyes open in Greek right now and I’m going to attempt to not sleep while he’s gone. I’ve got just the thing…dishes!

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  1. I know what you mean, Kim. Wait til you have kids. you oughta get more sleep now, stock up, because even when a baby sleeps thru the night, you’re still tired for the rest of your life I think. We can never catch up. But I too feel silly going to bed too early and I keep Luke up, but then in the morning poor guy has to get up early and do all his stuff (he even gets up with the kids) while I’m dead to the world, like the sloth ancestry you described. Hope your dishes went well. Luke does those too- I AM a sloth! (and I could never get up at 5am either, ouch!)

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