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We spent Friday night counting the miles from here to there, avoiding scary people at truck stops, trying to find one bathroom in Oklahoma that isn’t filthy and out smarting the Po-Po at the Kansas/Nebraska state line. I have NO IDEA why we don’t drive to Omaha every weekend!?! Certainly not because on most trips I am more likely go crazy somewhere around Topeka and either implode from keeping my mouth shut about the way he is driving or he will rip my flesh off due to my running commentary on the same topic. Thank goodness he noted this problem while we were driving with some friends this weekend. Seems our friends have the same problem…a wife who is a perfect driver…when she isn’t the one behind the wheel. I think this may be a wide spread disorder, er, gift?

We rolled into my parent’s place around 10ish Friday night (wondering how we’d traveled so far so fast and how beautiful the green hills of Kansas looked and even the area right around NE City…lush and refreshing). Then I rolled out around 10ish Sunday morning. Quick and painless….except the part where I left my husband, mother and friends in a building together and drove away. At least dad didn’t stay behind. The two of us stopped in OKC to see Adam and give him all the stuff he’d forgotten in my parent’s house. We didn’t get to the apartment until about a little before 10 pm and the place was sweltering. And the heat goes on -dad’s car said it was 105 outside yesterday. The window air-conditioning units, they are being taxed.

Went to the all-church workday where I scraped up my arms with tree branches, which was much better than dealing with cleaning out closets inside. How could I not be outside when it was windy and cool in June? It is so foreign and fabulous to enjoy sunshine without sweating in the summer. I wasn’t doing much though and my heart was not in the working, so I abandoned the hard labor and went to Target with my mom where I purchased clothing for friends’ babies (because they were on SALE and because they were so CUTE and because I was with my mom and we can sort of warp each others minds about HAVING to purchase things).

The Hard At Work

I consumed 32 oz of Scooters soy chai latte in two days.

I made dinner for a family who recently had a baby while mom got the oil changed in her car.

I slept with the dogs on the napping sofa in the basement (the one that is perfect for napping and has somehow lasted all of the years for the sole purpose of spiting my mother. Purchased in early-80-something, the sofa still looks brand new. She’s never going to get new furniture for her family room if it keeps holding up like that…although Tom tried to help her out one time by breaking one of the recliners, but as it turned out, he really didn’t and she may have cried herself to sleep that night. Harley is helping her, though. He has decided that the best place for him to sleep when out of his puppy cage is on the back of the recliner. He’s put on a few pounds and has successfully crushed the pillowy top into what amounts to a perfect dog bed, but a terrible head cushion).

My Napping Partners & I Wait for Friends

Burgers, Brats and Baseball took Saturday to a whole new level. Bam! Tawnya & Sam brought the Brats and Mike, Jess, Chris, Amy, Kaylee, Mom, Dad and I consumed them. Then us young folk went to the ball game while mom and dad watched the baby (who is not only adorable but wicked smart and super obedient too – nice work C & A!). It was FREEZING at the game, but we ran into lots of people, including Krystal, who I’d arraigned to run into, but with whom I forgot to take a picture.

Because Food Pictures are Why You Read

Chillin Like the Villians We Are

The Ladies at the Game

Krystal’s comment on the last entry alludes to the post game fun. The Afters played in the parking lot and after listening for a bit, we decided to get some food or coffee (were still deciding when Krystal’s keys came up missing). Krystal and I both looked through her bag again to double check….nothing. She’d switched out purses right before entering the game, so she figured they were in the other purse, which was now safely locked in the trunk. She called AAA and we went to Delice to pass the estimated two hour wait. But in less than half that time, they called to say they were nearing the Blatt. We grabbed our drinks and went back, only to discover that the keys were not in said purse, nor in the car anywhere. After instructing Tawnya to pray, Sam went back into the now deserted stadium and Jud followed soon after. Before they could even find the lost and found, Krystal heard a jingle and the keys were found. I will not tell you where the keys were only that Tawnya’s prayer was answered and Krystal did not have to abandon her car, nor sleep somewhere other than her apartment. Congratulations are due Sam: for the instructions to pray and also the ability to communicate with those who wash down stadium seating with hoses following baseball games. Jud: for answering his phone to tell Sam of the find. Tawnya: for the praying of course. Krystal: for making it all possible.

For some reason the women’s bathroom at work now smells like the strawberry lip-gloss from my childhood. The one that came in the tin and I always lost two days after purchase. I loved those lip-glosses. They should come back around. They are highly unsanitary what with the small elementary school fingers dipping into them and then smearing goo around mouths and then possibly re-dipping into the goo – a virtual greenhouse of childhood disease.

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  1. I am laughing out loud again as I read your post Kim! Thanks for re-capping the weekend, the excitement, the laughter, the back-seat driving (hee-hee), and the unexpected Johnny Rosenblatt fun:)

    I’m looking forward to another blast of a weekend at the wedding! We must not forget to take pictures this time…

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